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The approach described below is welcomed and supported by both business stakeholders and numerous Muslims due to the standardized, transparent and professional auditing process, which, however, always focuses on the consideration of religious commandments with regard to halal approval.


HaPI certified halal products are randomly tested using state-of-the-art PCR DNA analysis and detection tests for alcohol (GC/MS) in independent, accredited SGS laboratories.

The types of audits in HaPI-Halal certification:

VORAUDIT (optional)

This audit is performed at your request if you feel that a pre-audit would be beneficial. The pre-audit process is to ensure that you are ready to move to the next level of certification. The process is to confirm that you have considered all requirements of the HaPI standard.

This phase also allows us to plan suitable and sufficient resources for the main assessment, as well as prepare working documents and audit plans. It also allows us to provide immediate, targeted feedback before you move on to the next phase.


The on-site audit determines compliance with the HaPI Standard. All assessment results are based on random audit evidence to ensure effective implementation of the HaPI Standard.

At each initial inspection and once a year thereafter, the Muslim auditors are accompanied to each facility by Muslim Islam experts from HaPI. Together with the Muslim auditor from SGS, this exclusively Muslim panel makes the decision as to whether the religious regulations are reliably observed, so that this operation is considered trustworthy and suitable to receive a Halal certificate from SGS and HaPI if all other "technical" requirements of the standard are met.


In order to ensure continuously reliable quality in the halal production of the certified companies, unannounced random inspections are carried out by the Muslim auditors of SGS during the course of the year. In each of these random audits, as in the initial inspection, there is a detailed inspection of the company with a thorough examination of documents, as well as the taking of product samples. The product samples are analyzed in specialized and accredited laboratories of SGS for animal components of the pig species (DNA) as well as alcohol (ethanol).

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