Why Halal?

The halal food market currently has total sales of $2.02 trillion and is expected to grow by 35% over the next 20 years. Despite its 1.6 billion halal consumers, the halal market is considered one of the least developed markets in the world. The lack of a single, globally accepted, and geographically independent standard covering the entire halal food supply chain creates confusion among consumers about halal specifications, certification systems, and the effective traceability and authenticity of halal products.

Halal is a process associated with religious beliefs and therefore makes special demands on control and guarantee.

Certification by a neutral and independent institution is important to ensure compliance with Islamic law. It is also an important component in building consumer confidence in the credibility and reliability of halal products. A clear and standardized approach to audit and certification, along with full awareness and transparency on compliance requirements and expectations, will enable the food industry to build a robust infrastructure capable of meeting customer expectations.

HaPI, in cooperation with SGS, offers versatile opportunities to successfully tap the Halal market. You can take advantage of a uniquely positioned, globally applicable and transparent halal certification standard to meet the rapidly growing demand for authentic, safe and fairly priced halal products.

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