About Us

The Halal Professional Institute (HaPI) is a halal standards organization founded in Germany in 2020 by Muslims experienced in this field, which regulates the production of halal products from farm to retail in accordance with Islamic law.


The Halal Professional Institute (HaPI) has established a transparent and clear process for halal audits and certifications of all food, cosmetic, chemical as well as packaging products.


The technical partnership with SGS Germany GmbH provides us with an additional level of independently verified quality and globally recognized experience in our daily work.


All our audits are conducted by highly qualified halal auditors from SGS who are experienced in the fields to ensure that all audits are independent, fair and fully transparent. Auditors are extensively trained in all aspects of halal production, including halal principles, legal and technical aspects, and the importance and methods of hygiene and cleaning procedures.

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