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With strong population growth, economic development and increased basic income in the Muslim world, the global halal market now accounts for 16% of the total global food industry. In the absence of a single global industry standard for halal product certification, SGS' collaboration with the Halal Professional Institute (HaPI) provides a strong partnership for halal certification and training that can be delivered anywhere in the world.


According to a recent report by Statista's research department, global trade in halal food and beverages is currently estimated to be worth approximately $2.02 trillion annually. By 2024, the source forecasts this market volume to increase to $2.32 trillion. With Islam now considered the second largest and fastest growing religion, Muslims are expected to soon account for the largest share of global consumer spending (Euromonitor, 2015).

Due to this, the halal market is expected to increase to 20% in the near future - with Asia, Africa and Europe accounting for 63%, 24% and 10% of this respectively (in van der Spiegel et al., 2012). Although there are no official figures, it is estimated that the halal market already contributes between 40 and 100 billion EURO to the European economy (Euromonitor, 2015).

Muslim consumers increasingly want and demand the introduction of a quality assurance approach that guarantees halal process standards. Such an approach would require a formal certification and labeling strategy to assure consumers of the quality and authenticity of halal meat while improving shopping convenience and choice. Halal certifications are not yet standardized globally, but their necessity is internationally recognized. Aside from its religious significance and perception as a "seal of approval" among consumers, our Halal certification provides reliable and independent proof to increase your customers' confidence in manufacturing processes, product attributes and quality.  

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